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Lynzi Feldbush & Ashley Spano

Confrence Date: Feb 25th

Presentation Date: March 4th 



What is a SmartBoard?

A SmartBoard is an interactive white board built by SMART Technologies in 1991.  The board is connected to a computer through a USB port or wireless and a projector is used to display the computer's screen and acts like a huge touchscreen.  The user is able to interact with the screen by removing the pen from the pen tray and writting directly on the board.  The technology is actually in the pen tray itself so once any one of the four pens is removed (black, blue, red & green) the screen acknowledges that the pen has been removed and one is able to use anything to make marks on the board!




How do you use a SmartBoard?


Setting Up A SmartBoard:






What can be done with a smartboard?

Games and Activities:







How many kinds of smartboards are there?



Extend interactive capabilities with the flexible pen-and-finger system – the SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard delivers intuitive performance and legendary ease of use.


An integrated system with unparalleled image quality and a large interactive surface.  The 685ix is one of the world's first integrated systems to combine an ultra-short-throw projector and a widescreen interactive whiteboard. It virtually eliminates shadows, glare and distracting projector light.


This interactive whiteboard and short-throw projector, the third-generation SMART Board 600i is an interactive whiteboard system that delivers the ultimate walk-up-and-use experience.






How can teachers use a SmartBoard?

Whatever a teacher can do on their computer with a mouse they can do the same on a SmartBoard. Teachers can teach an infinite amount of things using a SmartBoard. Teachers frequently use the board for PowerPoint presentations where they can write extra notes or information with the pen or their finger. They can save or delete what they've written. SmartBoard will also hold different pages. If a teacher wanted to move on through the lesson and talk about something different and then wanted to go back to a previous page, he/she can do so. It can hold as many pages as a teacher wants.  

Also, there are tons of free SmartBoard learning activities/games that the teacher can download to the board for Math, Language Arts, Science, Art, History, etc. Just by typing in "SmartBoard activities or lessons" on the internet teachers can find and use these websites for part of their lesson. 


How can students use a SmartBoard?

With today's kids being so used to an interactive lifestyle (computers, the internet, texting, video games, etc.) a SmartBoard can deliver the education/material in a way that they're more used to seeing/doing. Students can go up to the board and write, draw pictures, click and drag items keeping them focused and interested in the lesson.

Students can be able to download videos that the teacher has put up for homework and weekly assignment sheets from their home incase they're sick or have forgotten something they have to do.


Additional Resources:










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