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Google Maps for mobile

Use Google Maps on your phone, and never carry a paper map again. Watch a video

Get Google Maps for mobile

Visit this URL in your phone's browser:

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Want a new phone that has Google Maps pre-installed?

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Supported phones

Feature Android BlackBerry iPhone Nokia S60 Windows


Search by voice        
My Location
Business listings
Business reviews  
Driving directions
Transit and walking directions
Latitude X  
Street View
Satellite view X
Traffic X
My Maps  
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How to get Google Maps for mobile

In the U.S. text "maps" to 33669 


No matter which phone you have, you can simply visit using your phone's web browser and we will send the right version of Google Maps to you. Or you can use the links below for direct access. Send a link to your phone 


Android BlackBerry iPhone Nokia S60 Windows Other
Tap Maps on the home screen. Search for "Google Maps" in Android Market to update. Go your phone to download Tap Maps on the home screen Download binary or go on your phone to download. Download binary or go on your phone to download. Go on your phone to download











     Buzz New!

View what's happening nearby at a glance.

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Business listings

Search for any business or category of interest.






Driving directions

Thanks to My Location, you don't even have to enter your starting point.






Navigation (Beta)

Get turn-by-turn GPS navigation with voice output.

Watch video Learn more





Transit directions

Get routes and schedules to travel via subway, bus, or on foot.







See your friends' locations and share yours with them. Start Maps and then select "Join Latitude."

Watch video Learn more





Street View

View street-level imagery of businesses and turns in directions.

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View layers of geographic information (e.g. My Maps, Wikipedia, Transit).

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Real-time traffic helps you find the fastest route.









Traditional GPS devices and some uses for the classroom and just for fun.

A GPS device such as a Garmin can find several uses in the classroom. For instance if your students are learning about area you can have the students take a Garmin and walk around the the perimeter of the school. The GPS device will record their movement and calculate the area they walked. It can give information such as elevation and longitude and lattitude.


    It can be placed in a vehicle and will give you informtation about the trip such as time, distance, avg. speed, total moving time, estimated time of arrival etc



It can give you a satellite like image of an area, much like google maps so you can explore a city from your home

Custom Maps  It can be useful in a geography class. You can download topograpical maps and water maps to show lakes and river systems



You can download campus maps to help you navigate on your first day of class.


World's Fair Custom MapYou can even create customs maps like this one about the worlds fair in St. Louis in 1904. So even history class can find a use for the GPS This is a video that shows how to use google maps and google to locate locations or travel routes.


Another very popular activity to do with a GPS device is Geocache. This is where everyday people go and place some small "treasure" in some location and then record its location for others to find. The idea is to leave something in place of the "treasure" you have taken. Garmin keeps up a database of several Geocache's for anyone to find.