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Discovery Ed

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Discovery Education


Presented by: Eden Waldon and Jennifer Halderman



What is Discovery Education?


Discovery Education is an online resource for educators and students that enhances the quality of learning. It does this by incorporating thousand of educational videos to lessons. Videos are categorized by subject and grade level, where you can even plan an entire lesson around a video or just watch short clips to enhance a lesson. There are countless resources for teachers from organizational tools and instructional videos on how to integrate videos into applications.


Steps on Obtaining Website

 1. Go to www.ideal.azed.gov

 2. Click the "Sign In" icon located in the upper right hand corner of the website.

 3. You will choose the Partner Login, and in the drop down menu choose Arizona State University (At this time it may prompt you for your ASU student username and password).

 4. Under the Announcement tab in the left hand panel, choose Curriculum Resources.

 5. This is where you will find the Discovery Education Streaming link. Click the GO button and you are now inside the resourceful website! Explore!


What to Find on the Site


My DE is located right below the symbol below. When clicking this, it is personalized for each user. This sectional allows educators to have content stored right on their front page, having easy access to the material they have gone through and chosen to be most relevant to their courses. This is called My Content Quicklink which is located right below the "On This Day" feature. A layout of the My DE can be found at http://www.discoveryeducation.com/my/home.cfm?CFID=1248613&CFTOKEN=49356752


Streaming is next to MY DE where you can find numerous videos, images, and some lesson plans. Below is a layout of what Streaming has to offer!


Subject/Grade Search

By Subject
By Grade


Images are prevelant on this site as well. They have the same search criteria that videos offer, which can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Below is an example of a picture with a description and the citing that comes with the source. 

Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968) waves to participants in the Civil Rights Movement's March on Washington from the Lincoln Memorial.

Citation (MLA)

Martin Luther King Jr. at March on Washington. Corbis. 2006.

Discovery Education. 25 February 2010


I found this image by using the Search bar in the top center of the page. Once I clicked in the box, options were given and in the Media dropdown menu, I chose Images and clicked the Search button.


The Search option at the top, center of the page allows for a specific search by grade level and the type of material you are looking for. You can look for a lesson plan, video, assignment, image etc. This is where I  found the image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. above. Enter a keyword, select the filters you wish to select and click SEARCH!



My Content is the direct tab located in the right hand corner. This is a tool that allows for great organization, displaying the content you have chosen to be most beneficial for your teaching. 


          Directions on Adding Content:


          1. Click the Add Content  

          2. It will then prompt you for a keyword, the type of media you want to search for, the subject, and grade level in order to narrow your search.

          3. A query then takes place and you can then choose the most suitable material to add to your content.


          There is also the option to create folders, which can help organize the content into certain subjects.

          The content and/or folders you create will then appear on the quicklink tab on the front page for easier access.



The My Builder Tools tab located in the upper right hand corner allows teachers to build assignments, quizzes and writing prompts.


The Classroom Builder is another tab that allows teachers to set up their own classroom by essentially, creating a class where students are added on, and they can be updated on assignments. This is like our blackboard! Your school district will show a listing of all student’s names, allowing you to add your students to your class roster. Any assignments or quizzes you build, students in your classroom, can view these online!



The Teacher Center has more resources teachers can utilize. Here, teachers can find a lesson plan library, the calendar that is found on the front page that links the current date with events of the past, as well as my favorite, the thematic focus section. This allows teachers to choose a subject and then choose a more specific focus. For instance if we chose science we could then choose from options on astronomy, animals, biodiversity, etc.  If I choose animals, there are then lesson plans combined with videos and activities.

The link for the animal thematic focus archive is :



The Professional Development has additional training resources for teachers on how to use technology in the classroom.

                Teaching Tips: show teacher’s technology tips. This is where we found how to embed a video in a PowerPoint presentation, as you saw the video at the beginning of our                presentation.

                Best Practices: short videos that show teachers how to instruct science classes.

                Interactive Training: learning how to use Discovery Ed Science and lesson plans.

                Project Demonstrations: how to incorporate Discovery Ed Streaming with lesson plans, projects, and tutorials.


The link for the Professional Development Center is:



Additional Resources takes you to another site that hosts a variety of lesson plans for all subjects, in each grade, while also including a section for students to receive free, online homework help. The first link is for the classroom resources teachers can utilize while the second link is for students.






Links For Further Understanding


Links once you have gained access to Discovery Education: 


To search for curriculum standards:http://search.discoveryeducation.com/CurriculumStandardLookup.cfm


My Content (will be different for every user):http://mycontent.discoveryeducation.com/?productCode=HUB


For Students:



Professional Development- tools and resources:



For more knowledge and help on the site that teacher’s can spend time reviewing, visit:



To sign up for the Discovery Education Newsletter use the following source: http://connect.discoveryeducation.com/form_UserPreferences.cfm?appUserGuid=90000000-0000-3876-4d6b-000000000000


Outside Sources: 



Youtube Tutorial: 




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